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Raymond Feist

Into A Dark Realm - EOS
2/5 -
Into A Dark RealmInto a Dark Realm is the second book in Raymond Feist’s, Darkwar Saga. The first book is titled Flight of the Nighthawks with the third, and final book of this trilogy, titled Wrath of a...
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Flight of the Nighthawks - Eos
4/5 -
Flight of the NighthawksFlight of the Nighthawks by Raymond Feist is the first book in his latest sage titled The Darkwar Saga. In order to fully appreciate the events of this book, and understand the names of countless...
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Exile's Return - HarperCollins
2/5 -
Exile's ReturnExile's Return by Raymond Feist is billed as the conclusion to the Conclave of Shadows trilogy. However, once the reader finishes the book, they will realize that this book does not conclude anything. It is...
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King of Foxes - HarperCollins
4/5 -
King of FoxesKing of Foxes by Raymond Feist is the second book in the Conclave of Shadows trilogy with the first being, Talon of the Silver Hawk and the third being Exile’s Return. This book continues to...
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Talon of the Silver Hawk - Eos
4/5 -
Talon of the Silver HawkTalon of the Silver Hawk is the first book in the Conclave of Shadows trilogy by Raymond Feist. While this book does have some familiar characters they are largely second fiddle to the new characters...
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Shards of a Broken Crown - HarperCollins
4/5 -
Shards of a Broken CrownShards of a Broken Crown is book 4, and the conclusion of The Serpent War Saga, by Raymond Feist. This book picks up right where Rage of a Demon King left off and finishes up...
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Rage of a Demon King - Voyager
4/5 -
Rage of a Demon KingRage of a Demon King, by Raymond is the follow up novel to Rise of a Merchant Prince, and the third book in the Serpent War Saga. First off, it needs to be said that...
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Rise of a Merchant Prince - HarperCollins
4/5 -
Rise of a Merchant PrinceRise of a Merchant Prince by Raymond Feist is the second book in the Serpent War Saga, the first book being Shadow of a Dark Queen. This book seems to polarize fans of Feist, as...
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Shadow of a Dark Queen - Eos
4/5 -
Shadow of a Dark QueenShadow of a Dark Queen is the first book in the Serpent War Saga by Raymond Feist. The action takes place on Feist’s world of Midkemia and once again, Feist does a fabulous job of...
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King's Buccaneer - Spectra
3/5 -
King's BuccaneerThe King’s Buccaneer by Raymond Feist is the sixth book set in the world of Midkemia. This book follows one of the kids of the characters in the Rift-War saga. Nicky, son of Arutha.
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Prince of the Blood - Spectra
4/5 -
Prince of the BloodPrince of the Blood by Raymond Feist, continues on the story told in the Rift War saga. However, there are some new characters to be introduced as it is 20 years after that event Prince...
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A Darkness at Sethanon - Voyager
4/5 -
A Darkness at SethanonA Darkness at Sethanon finishes out the story of the Rift War saga, 4 books encompassing a great adventure and some memorable characters. Before reading this review please be aware that there may be one...
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Silverthorn - Voyager
4/5 -
SilverthornSilverthorn by Raymond Feist in the 3rd (or 2nd depending on how you read Magician) book in the Riftwar saga. With this installment Feist picks up where he left off. The best thing about books...
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